quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

How to write a letter of complaint

Dear Mr. God,

I am writing regarding a complaint I made about the product you were supposed to send me, for wich I have just received a totally inadequade response. In addiction to this, I should like to bring to your attention the difficulties of getting attendance at your reception. Many prayers and not even one good answer.
I´m not waiting for the perfect product, but you got to admit that it´s far from what I´ve asked for. And I got to confess that I knew from the beggining that it was some kind of goods fated to defect. I´ve been trying different models and I haven´t had sucess with any of them. I also know that I´m able to change the product at anytime and any conditions. However, you also made it quite clear that as far as you were concerned, the customer is responsible for checking any changes and faulty parts of the product. So, here I am, once again asking for your understanding.
Not only did I phone your customer care line, but I am also sending you this letter. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that I´ve been waiting for your response for more than three years. I know that I´ve been using your trials quite a lot, but this is a result of the extended break without the product concerned.
According to your advertisement, problematic products were supposed to have a better compensation. I need to provide you an explanation about my refuse of this supposed better ransom. They are all the same, so if something is different that means that I´m the one who have changed. Don´t treat me like a fool!
I just want you to apologise the problems I suffered and I ask in the name of the less fortunate wisdom to provide a solution for this inconvenience. You completely failed to create a product that fits me. So, in this situation, I will be forced to take the matter further and shall have no alternative but to keep using trials. Indeed, I would like to ask you to extend the validity. You should agree with me that thirty days would be perfect for a toy, not a human kind.
I´m really sorry for that and I look forward to a prompt and more satisfactory reply. Otherwise, it´s better not depending the continuation of the species on me! And I advise you that many others like me are thinking this way, as well.
Yours faithfully,
Girl in Kimono

sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2009

Finding the Girl

With this one, I can say that I´ve held about four or five blogs. Today, all inactive. Perhaps caused by some shame of my insipid writing, perhaps caused by the fear of such exposure, since I was signing with my own name and not even depurating what was coming through my mind. Everything, including the worst thoughts, plainly handed from it to my fussy fingers on the keyboard.
First I´ve thought about writing something poetic and romanticized. Two posts came out of this feeling. Posts that will be forgotten. Memories of happy fragments of my developing loving. We all got some cute and romantic litlle stories that bless our illusory and frustrating western way of understanding love and sex.
But the construction of the romantic bond can be just the relief for our existential pain, as well as the religions.
We were trained to dream about the perfect match, someone who is able to feed all our anguish of being alone in the world. Yes, cause after we were delivered to this fantastic world, we had to familiarize with the loneliness of a place without the warm and confort of the womb. And then, we have to spent a whole life looking for something to fill in the hole caused by this.
This false dream where the other cannot have an individual life, cause it´s supposed to be two in one, brings us to a reflection about what is inherent to us or what is cultural. Of course, our society makes us believe that most of our feelings were always there. But why in some cultures is polygamy completely acceptable without jealousy?
And why is this jealousy so important to us as an evidence of true love?
We will always be frustrated if we keep looking for this impossible human being. Someome who can complete another human being just does not exist!
The idea of exclusivity is cozy but unbearable. For sure I would love to have someone so in love with me that this love would blind and isolate him from the external world. But what a damn selfish I would be! Someone who cannot see other attractive beings would be someone sick. And it´s sad and cruel.
On the other hand, how do we cope with this feeling of rejection now that we´ve got a whole history and background that support this illusion?
It´s a question that I´m trying to answer...